Thursday, May 24, 2007


Nine US military ships enter Persian Gulf, assembling off Iran’s coast

Just two weeks after Dick Cheney met with Saudi King Abdullah, the U. S. is engaged in the largest US naval operation since 2003. Debka's sources also note that the US armada sailed into the Gulf on the day the latest UN Security Council ultimatum expired for Iran to give up uranium enrichment or face a fresh set of sanctions. Hmmm

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Well, I see this aspect of Marney's blogging has taken the summer off (unlike those boats aimed at Iran). I just want to say hello and how happy I am to have received an unlikely email this morning that linked to an OpEd piece...and from there...and from there, I got here.

I grew up in Jamestown, New York, and with Toronto radio tuned in constantly. Many of us Yanks south of you do that. It helped us get civilized. Now I try to get across the border at least once a year to regain my senses. Didn't make it this summer though, and I worry how the coming school year will go. I suppose the worst that can happen is I'll lead the revolution down here. Carry on!
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