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This is a rant written by Dr. Duffy

"Most People Are Wrong About Most Things Most Of The Time"

Dr. Duffy is an experienced, superb teacher of AK whose contribution to my own personal health further elevates my respect for his therapeutic ability and straight forward, no nonsense instruction to members of all the healing arts. He has helped AK to grow and prosper.
So also has he accomplished this same task in my own personal regard.

Dr. GJ Goodheart, Jr., Research Chairman, ICAK/

TO THE WEBSITE VISITORS: This site is dedicated to the propagation of useful knowledge pertaining to health and welfare from the naturalist's viewpoint and was created to counterattack an assault on my profession by agents of the AMA who MISrepresent themselves as QUACKBUSTERS acting in the public interest.

* * * *This website is NOT an attack on 'crisis medicine', the intelligent application of which can; prevent imminent death in trauma and advanced disease states; alleviate suffering associated with terminal illnesses; and repair, or support the effects of, congenital defects caused by accidents of nature and human ignorance.

* * * *This IS an attack on three segments of society:

1. The continued, AMA sponsored 'Quackbuster activity' against my profession and the entire alternative health care segment of society, in continued violation of the Getzendanner decision against such activity that was handed down on Feb 7, 1990, in the US Court Of Appeals, Seventh District, Chicago, Illinois [Wilk et. al.. vs AMA, Jt Comm on Accred O Hosp, Am **College** of **Phys** and Am Acad. Of Orthopedic Surgeons.] wherein the AMA was found guilty of violating the **Sherman** Antitrust Law.

2. The practice of germ theory based orthodox medicine with the exception of the realm of 'crisis' medicine as defined above.

3. The small group of misguided chiropractors who, overcome by medical propaganda and out of touch with their roots, choose to denigrate, demean and deny the theoretical foundation upon which Chiropractic rests its case, the concept of the Subluxation.

* * * *Every doctor connected to a hospital or establishment-controlled medical delivery system is forced to operate in accordance with the 'consensus of medicine'.
This would be all well and good if such a consensus was science based and designed to support the real needs of suffering humanity. The 'medical consensus' however, is driven by money, not science - drug company money and supports the needs of the medical/drug perpetrators, not the patients how else could one rationalize the release of a drug that kills hundreds of people and has to be taken immediately off the market?

Are we to assume that these highly intelligent men who designed and released the killer drug are in fact stupid? Unless one recognizes this fact, one misses the point. All major research programs are carefully controlled by drug companies or their tax-supported stooges in government. The average doctor on the street is kept under tight control by these 'historically' misguided and, in many cases, 'criminally motivated' MDs who are pulling the strings. This criminal activity results in the deaths of hundreds and thousands of patients a year.

The disastrous effects of modern medicine continue to go unreported or under-reported by medical writers and journalists who are forced to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the dark side of these pharmaceutical shenanigans. Medical writers and journalists who earn their living reporting medical activities live under a constant threat of being cut off from information sources necessary for their livelihood. Such pressures emanate from the CDC, NIH, FDA as well as the powerful drug company officials.

Any serious student of history is well aware of the fact that throughout history doctors have killed more people than armies, wars and generals and that this fact has ALWAYS been under-reported.*

On the other hand, alternative medicine practitioners are constantly attacked and nutritional products are slowly being denied, one at a time, to the general public.

* * * *This web site is designed to counter the effects of such shenanigans. My position is aimed especially at the so-called, 'QUACKBUSTER' activities which are AMA directed attempts to shift public attention away from the dreadful effects of _ORTHODOX MEDICINE_ - finally recognized publicly as the _LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH_ in the **USA**!

Secondary aim is taken at the pseudo intellectuals on chiropractic campuses who challenge the very foundation of their profession. These intellectuals represent the greatest future threat to the health of the nation since they are allowing the dilution of the chiropractic principle by modern medical quackery. They are especially served notice of my challenge described below.

* * * *The most heinous 'QUACKBUSTER CRIME' is their support of compulsory vaccination.


All such compulsory medical laws must be repealed!

* * * *This site is also an open challenge to: any and all who attack my profession; denigrate the subluxation hypothesis of Chiropractic; slander chiropractors; and/or belittle Chiropractic clinical effectiveness. I challenge you to appear in a public place and take part in a clinical duel with me to defend yourself, before the public, in two areas of expertise:

1. Your clinical effectiveness compared to mine treating real patients with real problems and

2. Your positions regarding current medical techniques, vaccination, antibiotic use, hypertensive medications, infectious diseases, degenerative diseases etc.

* * * *This duel will make use of voluntary, random, non-crisis care patients off the street who present with chief complaints involving STRUCTURE, CHEMISTRY, or PSYCHE. Patients will be examined and functionally measured before and after each attempt by the competing doctors. An in-depth inspection of their complaints will be compared to whatever medication they are using and their history of use. A copy of the PDR will be available to properly list patient complaints alongside adverse side effects of the medications they use.
This will all be discussed openly for the public witnesses to this duel.

OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENTS will include but not be limited to the following physical parameters:

blood pressure, pulse rate, vital capacity, body temperature, endocardiograph, [heart tracing via sound] saliva pH, Lingual Ascorbic Acid time, Zinc tally, visual acuity including color blind testing before and after treatments, audio acuity, posture, muscle strength, range of motion, pain reduction.

Before and after testing of these parameters are by no means limited.

ANY objective before and after measurement can be included by my opponent [blood tests, white cell counts, hemoglobin, hematocrit, liver enzymes, TSH levels, bilirubin levels etc.].

* * * *Since Chiropractic treatment often produces immediate changes in blood chemistries, such a duel should be an eye opener for our competitors as well as the patients. It will also allow the chiropractic campus intellectuals who choose to attack AK and to question the subluxation hypothesis to state their views and to demonstrate their clinical ability to bring about an immediate change in the sick and suffering patient based upon THEIR version of chiropractic.


* * * * * * * * * * * **As an example of how doctors kill more people than wars we take the following response letter which appeared in the Irish Examiner May 12, 2003: The signatory is responding to a white wash on vaccination by Ryle Dwyer. Dwyer speaks for the establishment, Carroll reports history.

Of course the campus intellectual will scoff at reports such as those made by people such as Eleanora McBean. Such scoffs are set aside by consideration of the demonstrable facts involved, nothing else. That is to say, the soldiers DID die following the injections which contained mercurous chloride otherwise known as CALOMEL. There WAS a widespread campaign for mercury containing vaccines. There WAS also an outpouring of propaganda [such as our present day SARS, MONKEYPOX, SMALLPOX hype] to frighten the public, there WERE large numbers of deaths at the time, _all blamed on 'Spanish Flu'.

Of course the Spanish Flu was just as bogus in the early 1900s as Swine Flu was in the 70s when President Ford faked his vaccination and helped set our country up for a REAL epidemic [vaccine induced, iatrogenic, Guillaine Barre syndrome].

Spanish Flu was as bogus as the more recent WEST NILE VIRUS, AIDS, SARS, SMALLOX and MONKEYPOX is today.

They are killing the innocent and the ignorant today, just as they have in the past. The deaths from the great flu epidemic of 1918 were caused by the use of CALOMEL, the major biological poison used to treat 'sepsis' as it was called in those days. CALOMEL is mercurous chloride and was used by the medical quacks of that day for 'anything that ailed You'. Mercury is a deadly poison.

So the poisoning of our children with THIMEROSAL in our day and age is no different than the poisoning of millions of people during the first world war and immediately thereafter. It is the same group of medical quacks at work today with virtually the same poison, MERCURY. It is my opinion that most doctors who used mercury containing vaccines of our day and time were unaware that they contained mercury. THIMEROSAL is the cover name for mercury in vaccines.

Most doctors don't bother reading the small print about the drugs they use. If they did they probably would suffer pangs of conscience.

THIMEROSAL does the damage of our day that CALOMEL did in the early 1900s.

Wake up folks, medical quacks hype falsified data to create phantom epidemics and then step in and kill people with the alleged protection against the phantom epidemic.
It's not that people are not dying of pneumonia which is one of the most common causes of death in the elderly, it's just that the medical quacks use those deaths to hype non-existent epidemics. It's time to bring the criminals to justice.

Here is the letter from the Irish Examiner:

* */RYLE Dwyer

(Irish Examiner letters, May 12) disputes the link between vaccination and Spanish flu. However, there is nothing in his letter showing that Spanish flu did not originate following anti-paratyphoid vaccination during World War I. Ryle is clearly not impressed by the story of seven soldiers dying in a doctor's office following vaccination in a US Army camp. This incident is recorded in the book 'Swine Flu Expos', by the American Eleanora McBean.

[As this article is written the medical quacks are busily destroying the health of our young men and women in the armed forces by subjecting them to the dangerous smallpox and other worthless vaccines alleged to protect them.]

**The final riposte from Ryle suggested that if vaccination caused Spanish flu among US, British, French and German soldiers, then what could have caused it among the world's populations, including Americans, after the war was over? In Ms McBean's own words: "The first World War was of short duration, so vaccine firms were unable to use up all their vaccines. As they were in business for profits, they decided to sell them to the rest of the populations. So they drummed up the largest vaccination campaign in US history. There were no epidemics to justify it so they used other tricks. Their propaganda claimed the soldiers were coming home from foreign countries with all kinds of diseases and everyone must have all the shots on the market. As I said, the rest is history.
Patrick J Carroll,
Lady Lane House,

NOTE: this story just about sums up the overall effects of the practice of orthodox medicine on mankind. Add the effects of killer drugs such as CHOLESTEROL REDUCERS [LIPITOR especially], ANTIHYPERTENSIVES, ANTIDEPRESSIVES, ANTIBIOTICS etc. However keep in mind that crisis medical care will save your life. Don/t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr
Revised June 25, 2003
New email address added August 31, 2004

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