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Roayl Raymond Rife

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Subject: The Rife Forum has Reopened!

Hi, This is a one time announcement to inform the members of this Yahoogroup that the Rife Forum is now online again. The Rife Forum - an international forum for research into the microscope and resonance therapy, developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts.

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Royal Raymond Rife, see the brief introduction, below.

Back in June 2005, the Rife Forum suffered a major setback when a hacker managed to destroy the online database and defaced the forum. Since then, hundreds of hours have been invested in restoring the original contents of the forum and transferring everything to a new, more powerful and secure forum, based on the vBulletin engine.

I am glad to announce that the Rife Forum has now fully reopened and is better than ever! now takes you to a new "home" page where you can see the most recent threads, current poll, the calendar and lots more. To access the actual forum, click on "Forum" on the menu bar.

Existing members will find most of their settings have been restored from the old forum. However, most members will need to reset their time zone (default is GMT) and there are a number of new settings which they may want to adjust.

The Rife Forum is not only back online, it is better and more powerful than it ever was.

Attachments can be made to individual posts, images and whole web pages can be easily posted, a new links directory tells you where to find other Rife websites, an online Calendar tells you what is happening when and where, an online library gives you an ever expanding resource for audio, and video recordings, device reviews and much more.

More information on how to use the forum can be found under "Getting Started on the Rife Forum", to be found on the home page, or in the Forum Announcements section:

If you use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with access to the Internet and would like to access the forum in a special more simplified mode, our new PDA Style is for you. Just select the "PDA" Style on the menu found on the bottom left or alternatively type one of the following addresses in your PDA to access the forum: or

Finally I want to thank the many users of this forum who have helped and encouraged me to restore, run and expand this forum. I take great pleasure in learning about how this technology has really helped people regain their health, particularly where more conventional methods were inadequate.I wish you all the best of health
Regards Peter
The Rife Forum

The following is an excerpt from the book: "The Cancer Cure That Worked", the classic book on the story of Royal Rife written by Barry Lynes: ---

Royal R. Rife, born in 1888, was one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the 20th century. He began researching a cure for cancer in 1920, and by 1932 he had isolated the cancer virus. He learned how to destroy it in laboratory cultures and went on to cure cancer in animals. In 1934, he opened a clinic which successfully cured 16 of 16 cases within three months time. Working with some of the most respected researchers in America along with leading doctors from Southern California, he electronically destroyed the cancer virus in patients, allowing their own immune systems to restore health.

A Special Research Committee of the University of Southern California oversaw the laboratory research and the experimental treatments until the end of the 1930s. Follow-up clinics conducted in 1935, 1936 and 1937 by the head of the U.S.C. Medical Committee verified the results of the 1934 clinic. Independent physicians utilizing the equipment successfully treated as many as 40 people per day during these years. In addition to curing cancer and other deadly diseases, degenerative conditions such as cataracts were reversed.

Rife had been able to determine the precise electrical frequency which destroyed individual micro-organisms responsible for cancer, herpes, tuberculosis, and other illnesses.

His work was described in Science magazine, medical journals, and later the Smithsonian Institution's annual report. Unfortunately, Rife's scientific theories and method of treatment conflicted with orthodox views. His work was stopped and both the research and the treatments were forced underground.

Doctors secretly continued curing cancer patients for 22 years after the original success of the 1934 clinic, but always with opposition from medical and governmental authorities - However, from 1950 to the mid-1980s, a number of research scientists, working independently, have slowly been verifying the scientific principles upon which Rife's clinical cures of the 1930s were based.

A body of recognized scientific evidence now overwhelmingly supports the original cancer theories articulated and demonstrated by Rife 50 years ago. This includes modern AIDS researchers. In the 1950s, John Crane-engineer, machinist, laboratory analyst, health researcher and inventor-became Rife's partner.

Crane, born in 1915, worked at Rife's side from 1950 until Rife's death in 1971. During this time, he learned all the secrets of Rife's cancer cure... and all the details of its suppression. Together, the two men designed and constructed new and better equipment, and managed to interest a new generation of doctors in the possibilities of a genuine, lasting and painless cancer cure. And again the authorities struck.

Crane was jailed, equipment was smashed, records were destroyed. Again the motives driving on the forces of suppression were the same. By sharing the long hidden facts, as well as thousands of documents preserved from the 1930s, Crane has enabled the full story to be told.

Author Barry Lynes, born in 1942, is an investigative reporter who lives in California. His areas of research, articles and books include economic theory, climate changes, history, U.S.-Soviet relations and alternative health treatments. In early 1986, he became acquainted with John Crane and heard the entire Rife story first-hand. Initially sceptical, Lynes changed his mind after examining the wealth of documents in Crane's possession. Outraged by the injustices that had destroyed Rife's work, Lynes decided to reveal in book form what had happened. ---

The book can be obtained from ISBN 0-919951-30-9

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