Monday, February 06, 2006


The Energy of Prayer and Love

You Are A Healer

A healer does not heal with their hands, their mind nor with a specific technique. A healer heals with their heart.
There are many healing modalities that a person can use to improve their lives and their health. None is more powerful than love.

If you were to learn many of these techniques you would find that love is a pattern that weaves itself through all healing.
It is a constant.
This is because healing comes from understanding and living all that you are. And at your core, you are made of love.
There is a difference between understanding that you are love and living it.
This is known as the 13 inch journey, the journey for the realization to travel from you mind, where you understand it intellectually, to your heart where you feel and live it.
When this happens you will know.
There is no mistaking the experience.

Many people find that they experience this feeling (actually a way of being) for a while and then it disappears, leaving them feeling sad or disappointed.
Indeed, there is a big difference in how a person experiences life from the love awareness as opposed to when the feeling subsides.
This subsiding is a gift.
It teaches that you have a choice between living in love and living in fear.

Living in love is where healing takes place.
The key is not how long you can stay in love but that you realize when you have fallen out of it.
Then the decision to go back to love or not is yours.
And here is where the personal issues start coming up.
Sometimes it seems easier or more justified to be angry, hurt, depressed or whatever.
Some people will bury this realization in food, compulsive spending, over working, alcohol, unhealthy relationships or in some other way.
I believe that denying who you are, denying what many people call the “I Am” is at the root of all illness be it physical, mental or spiritual.
And love is the healer.

You already possess within you all that is needed for perfect health.
It is simply a matter of peeling back the layers and having the courage to look inside.
You will find inside a light so bright and beautiful that you may be frightened at first by its power and love.
You may feel undeserving or uncertain about the responsibility of being this light.
It may help you to realize that this is who you already are.
Inside, every person has the same light and uncovering it is what healing is all about.
All is love.

Linda White Dove

Please continue to pray for Noah. Even though it has been almost 9-months since Susanne passed away it is still like yesterday for Noah. The little guy is having such a hard time. Tonight it was like a dam had broke and all of these bottled up emotions and tears just came pouring out of the little guy.
He said several things that were hard for any parent to hear their child say. He said,
“I wish that I was never born!”
“I cannot live without Mommy!” . I told him that I felt the same way he did about not being able to live without Mommy. I told him that I now live for him and his sister, Lily. That he needs to live for me and his sister, that we need him - we need each other.
“Daddy, I have flash backs to the day that Mommy died!”
“Daddy, please take me to a special doctor that would remove these bad memories from my head.” I told him that only God could do that.
Noah said that he felt bad that he did not kneel near his mother’s body until help arrived at the house; instead he paced outside of the laundry room.
He said that he is mad at himself for not dialing 911. He still believes that if he would have called 911 that Susanne would still be here. I tried to reassure him that Mommy went to heaven long before Lily found her lying on the laundry room floor, that there was nothing that anyone could have done. I told him that he was very brave and smart for sending Lily and her friend to get help. That I am very proud of the way he handled things that day.
I held him tight and we both cried together for about 10-minutes. I told him that he needs to cry it all out and not to hold it in any more. That the more he cries the less the pain will hurt – that is how it has worked for me.
I know that you parents can relate to this statement; it is so hard to see your child suffering and the feeling of helplessness.
Please continue to pray for Noah. Eight year old boys should be having fun, not enduring such things as he has been going through.
Thank you!!!

Austin & Ethan -We have had a horrible tragedy within our school. A teacher that works at Jamestown Elementary, Rhonda Hale, currently has two sons fighting for their lives at a hospital in Lexington, KY. The two boys were riding their ATVs after church on Sunday. Austin, a 10 year old was on a dirt bike, and Ethan, a 16 year old, was on a 4-wheeler. The two boys collided with one another head-on. They WERE wearing helmets but the injuries sustained were still massive. They were flown to UK Children's Hospital where teams of doctors began working on them immediately. Ethan has broken every bone in his face and has lost his left eye. The first of many surgeries was done to begin repairing the damage. He is nothing but metal from the chin up. Currently, fluid is gathering at the back of his brain and more surgery is going to need to be done to remove it. Austin has yet to regain conscienceness. He has been unresponsive since the accident and doctors are saying that it is a miracle that he even made it to the hospital. A shunt has been placed in his head to reduce fluid and swelling. He has multiple injuries including 2 crushed vertebrae, broken limbs and a pelvis that is broken in half, which cannot be operated on until more is known about his head injuries. Both boys are on feeding tubes and have developed fevers. As you can imagine Rhonda's world has been shattered. Her boys are all she has left and she is devastated, as any mother would be. She has requested that any willing person please pray for her sons. The school is also requesting that cards be sent to the boys. We are trying to get cards sent from all over the country so that the boys, as well as Rhonda, have something to look forward to daily. The cards are going to be kept and counted so that Austin, Ethan and Rhonda can see just how many people have been praying for them. If you could, please send a card to the address below and then forward this e-mail to anyone and everyone you know. At this time, prayer is the best medicine for these youths. 12.05.05 star*kid <>

Benji - Benji is doing wonderfull,he had the other surgery and came though really great.Now he has lots of work to do with the hand and arm,but he is a fighter and will be just fine,thanks mg,,maudie maudie maudie raney
<> 01.04.06

Billie Mellencamp Denenberg is fighting brain cancer which has been unsuccessfully treated by surgery and radiation. In the late fall, she was given a terminal diagnosis and 3 months to live by her doctors. She has accepted her fate and surrendered her life. Until now, she has been unreceptive to offers of spiritual healing, believing that God hated her. I believe her resistance to healing is gone. She is a breast-cancer survivor of 14 years, and at that time, I recall quite clearly that she stated a wish to live only long enough to see her eldest child graduate from high school. Her daughter Erin, is now in her second year of college, but the past two years if Billie's life have been consumed with the news that her brain cancer is the result, somehow of a cancer cell that the surgeon's missed when removing her breast. Please send healing prayers that this episode of cancer go into spontaneous remission as a reminder of Grace, Miracles and Love. Thanks to All. 03.02.06

Bob -It is so kind. Partner is doing OK, has to go in tomorrow for some tests, he has a growth that needs to be checked into. Doctor thinks it may have to be removed. I'll keep you posted, thanks again love and light Bob. Bob P
<> 11.01.05

Carolyn Blake - I ask for prayers for a very serious situation in my family, where due to deep misunderstandings, life-long loving relationships are on the brink of rupture. I ask prayers that whatever negative forces are at work be banished and only love and reconciliation remain. Thank you. Phoenix <> 01.31.06

Charleen Gibson one of my best girlfriends from childhood found out that she has hardening of the arteries and a mass on her liver...she scared what it is,her name is can you pray for here too.She is about the only one I got left, as far as friends. I can'tloose her. Nancy Morgan <> 11.02.05

Chris - Chris insists that nothing will happen to him. He seems to be in denial. Several of his friends are already in jail, but he feels immune. He does come around periodically still, and has a girlfriend with a small baby. I had hoped this would help a little - and while he is taking care of the baby, the "hotel hopping" is still going on. He continues to say that he is going to get a job etc., but nothing is happening in that direction.Robert Javer < 11.01.05

Christopher - I ask that everyone focus love, energy, strength, courage & purpose for my son Chris (who turns 24 on 1/19). He has taken steps on his own (for the first time) to leave behind his addiction (herion) and has now been clean for 7 days. I see him more & more in touch with his souls purpose & the divine plan and letting go of the dysfunctional coping methods of addiction and him stepping fully into the amazing life that is here all around him. Thank you God, thank you all. Blessings & Love to everyone! ** Elizabeth 01.18.06

Chuck Hoffman prayer for health as cancer just went into remission. 11.29.05

Clayton G. - Please keep him safe and sound while in Afghanistan.

Corey Langlis - prayers that life is not such a struggle and that he is financially abundant. 01.19.06

Crystal Elise Cordova, the 27 year old mother of 3, is battling Hodgkins Disease. She needs to regain her health and strength to undergo a bone marrow transplant this month. Please send prayers, energy and love to this beautiful woman and her family. Thank you, Nancy Carol. Nancy Olsen <> 11.02.05

Cynthia -for me and heal me.. My anxieties have come back twice as harsh as before. i can no longer function as I use toi'm afraid :( I need healing and deliverence from this.cynthia. Cynthia <> 01.30.06

Debra Stahl - For the healing of a 35 yrs marriage Debra Stahl <> 02.06.06

Ed Brigg - he is having lots of sickness lately. maudie raney <> 01.04.06

Haley - Surround Haley in grace, loving light. She has has many deaths in her family that has left her feeling depleted. Allow her to rest and recharge her batteries while having peace within her heart for those you have gone on. 01.04.06

HOWARD ROUSSEL - I am writing about my uncle, he had a lump removed from his throat and they found out it was cancer. now, they arent sure if it's going to come back or spread anywhere else. Cynthia <> 01.27.06

Jackie - Jackie and her 7 yr. old son Noah.They are both sick. They both suffer from Seziurs And asthma. The little boy has a cyst on the brain. Causing redness in his left eye as wellCan anyone give me advise I can forward to them on things such as herbs or essential oils. Or diet to aid them. Jackie talks of the little boy doesn't eat very well. She'd like advise on what to feed him. Or not to feed him.

ROXANNE YOUNG <> 01.03.06

Jeane White - My mother has Cancer, 48 yrs old, please say prayers. Mike eggleston <> 11.29.05

Katherine (in Dallas) -- Katherine is continuing her battle and seems firmly committed to the care protocol her conventional medical practitioners advise. It's hard for her husband and friends who know alternatives could help her now. Her body is weakened from the chemo and every day seems to take it tolls somewhere. Join me in my continued prayers for the outcome in the best and highest good for all parties involved. We love Katherine and Joe. 01-18-06

Karen Dennison - She needs as much Positive Healing Energy sent her way from our group PLEASE and THANK YOU. Michael McNamara <> 01.16.06

Karen W - Car was hit and not able to be fixed, please send prayers for a car that will allow her to get around safely and reliably. Finances are tight. Karen W. <> 01.06.06

Kathleen's Hubby -My hubby matt has been having back and neck pain for sometime-due to car accident,please pray for eliminating some of the pain- I would really appreciate it. Kathleen kathy younce <> 01.13.05

Laura Adcock Age 20 Leicester England For a good and quick recovery from her epliepsy seizureShe has hurt her wrist badly and injured her face and her whole body aches. Margret Oneil <> 01.19.06

Laurie Mabbot - Please add me to your prayer list, as I am going major crisis right now. Laurie Mabbott < 12.20.05
LINDA ROUSSEL - she's going through alot of things right now, faced witha possible seperation, her husband giving alot of grief and she needs strenght and courage, he is trying to break her spirit. Cynthia <> 01.18.06
Lindsay - I am bringing an urgent need to you this evening / early morning. It was my privilege to share Christmas Day with a dear friend and her entire family. I met all the nieces and nephews, boyfriends and such. Lindsay has the most radiant smile -- she just glows everywhere she is. Then Lisa and I went for a walk and she told me about Lindsay's surgery scheduled for this Friday. Anyone looking at Lindsay would say she is the picture of health. I was simply stunned to find out this young lady faces surgery that has a very high probability of leaving her blind and with diminished capacity. That is, if she doesn't die on the*kid <> 01.04.06
Lindsay (Lisa's Niece) - My niece was dismissed from the hospital in Phoenix yesterday and flew home to Austin. She is still not seeing, but the doctors insist that this is temporary blindness, and her sight will return gradually as her brain heals.The terrible unreal pain she had for a week just following the surgery turned out to be that she was allergic to a drug they were using on her. They took her off the certain drug, and within 48 hours, the headache went away. She is sleeping all the time, and only wakes up to eat and use the restroom. She will be under the care of a neurologist in Austin, who was recommended by her surgeon. I do not know the neurologist's*kid
<> 01.19.06

Mark (in Florida) - The ALS is a progressively debilitating disease and eventually will rob him of the ability to breathe. He types with a a 'sip n puff' device and sometimes his communications are simply snipping out a few lines of a poem or a picture he sees on the internet which are then forwarded with the glow of his love. If anyone would care to email with him, they can write me for an introduction and his email. He's a wonderful example to the world of unconditional love. 01.19.06

Matthew -he has a degenerated disc in his lower back, I can always tell when he is in pain,and it kills me because Ican't take the pain away,he has medication,but I just want to pray for easing the pain and helping him cope with it... kathy younce <> 12.21.05

Merrily (in Dallas) is holding her own -- continued support of prayers are helping. She is the peppiest 74 year old woman I've ever met, especially in light of this cancer tumor so visible in her ear and under her skin on the face. 01.04.06

Rita - Rita went to the Dr. last week and was told that a increase in the tumor growth was noted - not a lot, but more than last time. She was to begin chemo again but elected to post-pone the treatment until she consults with a doctor in NYC she sees a few times in the year. So she is off to see that specialist within the week. She is becoming very frustrated with the medical profession because they appear not to know what to do - she is taking Natural products and eating a special diet and when the doctors are questioned about her regime, they simply respond by saying that it appears to be okay for her. Never once will one of them confirm that what she is doing outside of medicine may just be healing her. Thank you for you continued support and I will give another update around the holidays. Ron Rasmussen <> 12.05.05

Ron Cantrell Hi all ron came though his surgery really good,it was cancer again,but again they think they got it all.Please keep praying that this is it this time.thanks maudiemaudie raney <> 01.02.06

Sally - Very heavy bleeding during my periods, and severe PMS symptoms before and after bleeding.I have a whole list of physical issues that would be greatly alleviated if I could just lose weight. I am about 150 pounds overweight, and have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, nerve damage, leg and back pain, etc. etc.Emotional issues about job and money. I applied for a new position as a special ed teacher in the local urban school district. They seemed to really like me. I am very qualified even though I have not taught children in many years. My Master's degree was in Special Ed, and they have a great fast track certification program in NJ that I qualify for if I get hired. I am still waiting for a letter with either an offer or a rejection. I felt so positive about it that it is confusing me that I did not get a letter in over a month, when the principal told me that she would need me to start right away. When I spoke to the HR person before Thanksgiving, she said that the letters had not been prepared yet for that position.Emotional issues around money and security not only include my job, but my home life. We have a roller coaster at home with power struggles with my parents, my sister and children, and my husband and myself. It is kind of complicated. But I pray for a peaceful and happy home life for all of us.Thank you.
Blessings,Sally Sally Witt
<> 12.02.05

Tailia tallia is doing much better...she is still a little off balance, but that is to be expected...there is no braindamage....thank the gods...i want to thank everyone again for everything...i feel that every one of you has helped her come out ofthis that all of your energy and prayers have done soooooo much for her and i can never thank you all enough...tallia is the onlygranddaughter, the other 3 are she is my little princess...sorry...our little princess...she is very lucky to have somany godparents that love her so very much....thank you again... MLB <> 01.12.06

TerraNoaSkies - Yes, going through feelings of dispair , in need of work and concerned over my husband's health. TerraNovaSkies <> 01.02.06

Tina - well the dr's have finaly figured out what is wrong with my leg sighs....... here the bone that lies next to the knee cap on the inner part is not parrel like it suppose to be so here the knee cap is rubbing on the bone causing the swelling and much pain. So now I wait to see what is next. Thank you all so much for the prayers. Special Blessings Tina <> 01.19.06

Tinneke - Could you please include me in your prayers?Still my legs are very painful, due to europathy,and I a recovering from pneumonia and feel very tired. p.a. jansen-sieburgh <> 12.22.05

Please forward to other prayer circles & Light Workers - thank you kindly

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