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Donna Eden Interview

An Interview With Donna Eden

author of Energy Medicine

Interviewed by Connie Hill, who is in charge of events and the
website at New Renaissance Bookshop

Connie Hill: Can you tell me how you got into the field of
Energy Medicine?

Donna Eden: Quite organically! I had tuberculosis as a tiny
girl. My mother also had TB. We had to get a court order to
gether out of the terminal ward in the hospital and she healed
herself even though she had only one damaged lung. She lived
until a year and a half ago. Doctors said she needed penicillin
for the rest of her life but she went off everything and that's
when she got herself well.

My mother saw energy so she'd just talk about it as if it was
natural and my brother, sister and I all saw energy. I think
that almost every one sees energy but that gift is not kept
alive in our culture.

Connie: Like kids that see "imaginary" friends.

Donna: That's right! I was 22 when I found out that the whole
world didn't see energy. "Seeing" energy is a major guide for
us. At 16 I developed MS. My legs would give out as I walked
upstairs and it got worse. It was not diagnosed until in my 20's.

Then at 27 I had a heart attack, I had asthma, hypoglycemia and
by 30 I could hardly walk out my door without getting very sick.
The doctors gave up on me and it was the best thing that could
have happened. Suddenly I knew I could heal myself!

The tops of my legs from my hips to my knees didn't work so I
would sit in bed and see if I could make the energy connect.
That's how it began and I got stronger. Then I went to Fiji
which was a huge turning point. While I was there I was bitten
by an insect and went into a comma. Some local shaman took me,
dug a hole in the sand and put me in there. The doctors said
there was nothing they could do, but the shaman said "of course
she will get well." I remember waking up twice with my head was
sticking out of the sand and they would pour water over my head.
All of the toxins drained into the sand. I remember thinking
"finally someone knows what they're doing!"

I stayed in Fiji and worked with the shaman for awhile. It was
like remembering something that was familiar to me. When I came
back to the US I saw a girl in the airport whose t-shirt had a
hand on it and the words "Touch For Health." I asked her what it
was about. She said "I'm going off next week to become a 'Touch For
Health' instructor. I said "Me too." And I went! Everyone
else knew how to muscle test--and I didn't, but I learned. And
saying "me too" felt like lightening hit me.

By the end of the week when I finished that class, I had started
my divorce, taken my kids and set-up a practice.

That weekend I taught my first class and I think I charged $5
for the whole weekend. I'd never taught anything in my life but
I really wanted to share what I knew. That was the beginning and
I've always worked since then.

Connie: What an interesting story! Tell me why a person would
use energy medicine.

Donna: Because it's natural, organic, accessible medicine with
no side affects. It's free and it's more than healing. Maybe a
person wants to get their energy back, or lift themselves out of
depression, or strengthen their immune system, or take away
pain--energy medicine can do all those things. It also starts
evolving you. We live in a world where we are so immersed in
unnatural energies. Our atmosphere is filled with unnatural
energy, toxins, chemicals and microwaves. Then we have stresses.

People don't know what hit them. Whether it's formaldehyde in
the rug, someone else's energy or a bug. These tools help you
figure it out. You get stronger and the things that used to
knock you out no longer knock you out. I'm sure that by making
your body stronger you evolve it to be able to handle the world
you live in. We don't have another million years to get it
together. We have to prime that evolutionary pump. If we're
going to thrive we have to participate in our own healing by
evolving and teaching our own bodies to adapt to our environment
so it doesn't kill us.

Connie: As you were talking it hit me that for the last 30 or 40
years we have really given our power away to doctors. It's like
they know everything and we don't. And this is about us taking
our power back.

Donna: It's true. One reason for writing this book was that I
really wanted to empower people and give them the tools to get
themselves well.

Before I wrote Energy Medicine I used to give my time to schools
and the elderly. It was so rewarding to see children be
powerful. It's not just about health. A school child may have
problems learning and this medicine can help your brain be more
receptive. I teach in Australia once or twice a year. Whoever takes the
classes, this medicine evolves with them. In one third of the
schools in Australia energy medicine is now mandatory. Kids have
not only gotten higher grades, but their self esteem has
increased. I love to teach the elderly, too. In my first elderly class
there was a man who was very depressed. He was in his late 80's
and he'd had a stroke six months before. He just wanted to die.

At first he would not participate because one side of his body
wouldn't work. I put him in front of a mirror and said "Just
imagine yourself doing these exercises." After awhile I noticed
he felt a little better. The nursing home staff said he wasn't
going to get any better--he had just a little bit of movement on
one side and the other was totally "dead." But after awhile he
got movement on the "dead" side to the point that he could walk
around with a walker. And that's the point: to have your last
years not be so horrible. I don't think we are meant to be so
debilitated. I read this morning that 130,000 people in the US die each year
from medicines! That's a lot of people! Years ago I was taken to
court for getting people off of medicines. The case was dropped
because the doctors who had brought the case couldn't find one
patient who was not glad and feeling so much better. Ten years
later those same doctors invited me to speak at the hospital!

Connie: OK, so how does energy medicine fits with Western

Donna: That's an important question. I'm not against western
medicine. I see the miracles that have occurred. And for the
last 15 years many doctors have referred patients to me because
I worked well with them. The two systems can be very
complementary. Many people's mythology is "I could never leave
western medicine. This is where I put my trust and my beliefs."

You can strengthen your immune system to tolerate chemotherapy.

I think energy medicine and western medicine working together is
the wave of the future by the way. It's not an either or
situation. I got a great letter from a woman with three children
in a school program that used energy medicine. The mother said
"We've been doing the daily exercises and I noticed for the
first time since the children were born they didn't have any
colds for a whole year." Also, the mother broke her arm and
shoulder in an accident and she healed so fast. Her kids did
healing treatments on her and her doctors were amazed. She said
"Now I know my body is getting stronger and more in alignment.

"It's the way energy really wants to move in person's body.

I want to tell you it's not because I'm so wonderful. It's that
we're all healers. In Ashland I have a reputation with those who
had chronic fatigue. They come to me in droves. I always teach
my patients how to do what's needed. They get a session and then
I teach them how to work on themselves. Everyone! I don't know
anyone I worked with who didn't get over their chronic fatigue

Connie: Thank you, Donna.

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