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Healing CD - The BIG PICTURE

I found this "ad" buried in an email I got on <> yahoo group.

I wanted to do a CD Rom just like this back in 1989.

I may not agree with EVERYTHING this CD contains (as some dis-eases are genetic, karmic, etc) and healing is about getting right with ourselves and our Higher Power, not necessarily being "cured". Everyone is DIFFERENT. That said,

if this CD has 25% of what it purports to have, this is a STEAL. The picture didn't load, but I'll try to get it in next time!



I AM also collaborating with the South African woman Inca Vtipil to assist her with developing a website to present her “Healing Guide – The Big Picture” CD-ROM, and various related matters. The following is the descriptive informatiom from Inca:

Electronic book with 1294 topics and 4200 inter-links
800 Meg information
19 Original music compositions
Numerous beautiful illustrated Spirit soothing graphic images
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT Operating System
Available on CD-ROM

Why you should get this material:

You save hundreds on purchasing countless books - this book contains all the information you ever wanted.
Self-diagnostic techniques - means to take back your power and heal yourself.
Symptom sorter A-Z gives you immediate natural alternatives to treat yourself and your loved ones.
Understand what each vitamin / mineral /tissue salt / Bach remedy is used for.
Understand yourself, your emotions, feelings and how it affects your health.
Save money on workshops as you have the music and the guidance to conduct your own workshop in your own space and time.

The main objective of this material is to assist the user in taking back his/her power and responsibility for his/her own health.
· The first electronic book ever published connecting all substantial information for healing the body, mind and soul.
· Become your own healer with tried and tested tips, remedies and healing methods provided.
· Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
· Diagnose yourself by tuning into your body’s innate intelligence.
· How the physical and subtle bodies work together.
· The dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
· Nutritional supplements; vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, Bach remedies, tissue salts.

This book was especially compiled in electronic format to guide the user with ‘inter-links’ towards the ‘bigger picture’ of understanding how everything is connected and works together.
By following the links you understand your unique health problem and are guided in various ways to find a remedy, whether it is a nutritional shortage or an emotional/energy block.
Years of intensive research and successful application was the motivation behind “Healing Guide – The Big Picture”:

· No illness can be generalized, as each person’s health problem is unique.
· What works for one person may not work for another.
· Requirement for nutritional supplements varies for each individual.
· Thought patterns together with food creates the physical body.
· We must step away from the concept of ‘one pill cures all’.

After studying and researching various healing modalities, and every time thinking I found the better method, I learned that the true answer is a combination of everything:
No pill or surgery can cure a problem that is emotional, mental or stress related, as we are looking at stagnated energy that must be released. If an energy block is not released, you can undergo surgery, but the problem will only re-manifest in a different part of the body.
The same applies to a physical problem. Where the body cells are contaminated with acids and the body became nutritionally depleted, the problem must be treated on the same level by changing the diet, detoxifying the body and provide it with the required nutrition.
We must understand that we are multi-dimensional beings. We resonate on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Any illness must also be treated on those levels.
For ultimate health we must look at all parts of our being:

· We must change our attitude and step away from the ‘fast food syndrome’.
· Poor nutrition produces a toxic body that results in physical illness as well as emotional outbursts, self-condemnation, anger, etc.
· This in return produce negative thought patterns as our thoughts become toxic.
· pH Balance: Over-acidity can become a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems.
· A healthy body maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet emergency demands.
· When excess acids must be neutralized our alkaline reserves are depleted leaving the body in a weakened condition.
Emotional and Mental:
· Emotions, stress, fear and self-pity are the most destructive force on the physical body.
· Thought patterns that are negative results in negative behavior patterns.
· We can change these behavior patterns by changing our way of thinking.
· We are responsible for our emotions and can control it, as you first have to ‘think’ something before it can manifest as an emotion.
· By changing our negative thought patterns, we become masters of our emotions.
Belief Systems
· When we were small we were told what to believe.
· Due to our parents’ own fears, insecurities and beliefs, we ended up with a poor self- image and in some cases self-destructive behavior patterns developed.
· As we grow older, we are no longer ‘taught’ what to think.
· Any change we wish to manifest within ourselves is possible, as we are now in control of our own thought processes.
· No one is to blame but ourselves for being stuck in negative behavior patterns. We are the masters of our own destiny – the ‘future you and me’ is created by what we eat, how we think, how we respond, act and react towards daily challenges that come our way.

The ‘Healing Guide’ further offers:
· What creates a sick society.
· Understand the dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
· Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
· Self-diagnosis techniques. The user is guided with various links for a better understanding of physical, mental and emotional health.
· Symptom sorter A-Z
· Assist the user in avoiding allergies and toxicity by obtaining a health pH balance.
· Various healing modalities are discussed.
· Researched benefits of vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, Bach remedies, herbal remedies, etc. are included in detail. The Information is based on researched information of experts and brought together with inter-links, proving how everything works together and compliment one another.
· According to your zodiac sign, understand yourself and your health problems.
· Mantra and meditation workshop with original music especially composed to use with the exercises provided in this book.

For the more esoteric inclined user:
The affect of the planets on our physical and emotional well-being is discussed.
As the moon is responsible for the tides of the ocean, so we are affected as our bodies consist out of more than 80% water. The old alchemist ‘Hippocrates’ put emphasis on the importance of the position of the planets when undergoing surgery. We have forgotten these old wisdoms and are paying the price for our ignorance.

This book is a giveaway at R299-00. *

Why so cheap?
My aim is to get this material to every household - to the general public.
I've seen out of experience how people run from doctor to healer to doctor, etc. not knowing that the answer to optimum health is in each one of us.
My book is based on self-empowerment for each and every individual.
It is my way of helping people to help themselves.
Look what the world looks like.

Time has come for all of us to stand together and share our knowledge and power.

For more information:
Contact Inca at
To order a limited first edition CD-Rom:
Write to me at

Total price: R299 excl p&p (South African Rand)
299.00 ZARSouth Africa Rand
48.7990 USDUnited States Dollars
1 ZAR = 0.163207 USD

1 USD = 6.12718 ZAR

I AM Powerful AND I AM Loving

peace and light
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