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Four Keys to Energizing your Body, Mind & Spirit

Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit

A TLC Interview with Master Zhi Gang Sha
by Steve Dahl

For those of us who like to give up control of our health and well being to that bottle of aspirin or the family doctor or for God's sake, the insurance company, the following article is not for you. This article wouldn't fly at the big newspaper down the street because it's got a little too much of that new woo-woo stuff to it. But fortunately, the new woo-woo stuff we're talking about here has been around some 5,000 years.

It seems kind of strange that the pharmaceutical medicine most Americans have come to know, love, and refinance their houses to pay for, has only been around in its current form for a century or so. In fact, many of us are amazed at the complexity of our relatively young health-care system. But does it need to be this complex? Does it need to be this costly? Does it need to be this difficult? Whatever happened to that good old saying from early biblical times that said,

LORD, only say the word, and I shall be healed?

Now that's clear and simple health care!

Healing doesn't need to be that difficult according to Master Zhi Gang Sha, author of the book,

Power Healing.

According to this master of many Eastern disciplines and medical doctor in both Eastern and Western medicine, there are four simple keys to healing and energizing your body, mind, and spirit. This world-renowned health specialist is bringing his unusual healing methods and philosophies to the San Diego area this month. Many of those who have tried his simple blend of self-healing techniques have experienced quite dramatic successes. His entire approach is based on gratitude, cooperation, and openness to the soul of every body part and every element in the universe.

If there was ever going to be a hybrid doctor/metaphysician/spiritual healer that willingly incorporated the best Western and Eastern medicines, Master Sha is as close as it gets. This outgoing, optimistic, charismatic author, speaker and trainer of many healers is finally on the cutting edge of self-healing technologies. It's only taken 5,000-some years to pull it all together but he is a very patient man. We think you will find his thoughts on self-healing, the real meaning of the recent devastating tsunami, and his predictions of our volatile future, quite interesting.

Master Sha's spiritual journey continues to evolve because of his commitment to teaching self-healing. His spiritual and medical path have merged into an adventure of service to all those interested in taking control of their total health. His ability to help people uncover the power to heal everything from skin conditions to past Karmic blunders has attracted a worldwide following. Master Sha has received invitations to present his healing and spiritual teachings across the United States and Canada, including the Omega Institute (New York and Texas), Grace Cathedral (San Francisco), First Unity Church (Tampa), Aspen Center for Integrative Health (Aspen), Agape International Spiritual Center (Los Angeles), Esalen Institute (California), and the UNSRC Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (New York). He has spoken regularly at the Learning Annex, Whole Life Expo, New Living Expo and the World Congress on Qi Gong. Master Sha's Power Healing system was recently featured in a PBS documentary, Power Healing with Master Sha . In recognition of his achievements, Master Sha was named Qi Gong Master of the Year at the 5th World Congress on Qi Gong.

As a master of many Eastern disciplines including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Feng Shui, as well as a medical doctor in both Eastern and Western medicine, what has driven you to become a teacher, a speaker, and a healer?

Master Sha: After graduating from medical school in Western medicine, I went to the hospital and saw so many chronic-pain conditions and life-threatening conditions in which Western medicine appears to have a limitation. Western medicine is great, but for chronic conditions it does not offer enough solutions. Chinese medicine has a 5,000-year history of dealing with chronic conditions and with greater results. I've always been interested in Chinese medicine. I did Tai Chi at age six, I did Qi Gong at ten, and I studied the I Ching and Feng Shui and traditional Chinese medicine before studying Western medicine.

After finishing my Western medicine education, I went back to study several more years of Chinese traditional medicine, as well as energy and spiritual healing. I studied Zhi Neng medicine under Dr. Zhi Chen Guo ( Zhi Neng means “intelligence and capabilities of the mind”) and learned how to bring all of the wisdom of Chinese and Western medicines together to create a Power Healing system. Millions of people who suffer from chronic pain and life-threatening conditions are dealing with emotional imbalance. People need to learn about self healing, soul healing. That's why I'm devoted to being a teacher. I am teaching people to learn healing on their physical journey and their spiritual journey.

In your book, Power Healing, there are what appear to be miracles taking place in people using your techniques. Is it possible for people to read this book and heal themselves regardless of their prior knowledge or experience in healing?

Yes. I would say Power Healing is a breakthrough self-healing system. What I want Power Healing to do is to create a self-healing movement. Power Healing states that sickness is caused by energy and spiritual blockages. We need to get rid of energy and spiritual blockages. For that I give four practical techniques. They are Body Power, Sound Power, Mind Power, and Soul Power. These techniques are very simple, practical, and they work! This system is based on cellular vibration, energy movement and the purification of the soul. That's why it works on the physical body, mental body, emotional body, and the spiritual body. It's very easy and people can do it for themselves regardless of their condition.

Tell us a little about each of these four self-healing techniques.

Body Power

Body Power includes special hand and body positions to remove blockages by opening up your energy and communication channels. Body Power techniques help you gain power and energy in your internal organs. They help to increase the effectiveness of your immune system to prevent illness. They help to open up your own Message Center in order to allow you to talk directly with your mind, the organs, the cells in your body, God and your Heaven team. The Heaven Team is your own group of spiritual teachers, guides, angels, masters, saints, ancestors and everyone else in the spiritual world who loves you.

Sound Power

Sound Power is the use of healing mantras to stimulate cellular vibration for healing. Each mantra has its own message. Some mantras have a special message for healing, developing energy, or opening the Third Eye. Every mantra vibrates different parts of the body and carries special energy. This allows it be used for healing, blessing, protecting, and improving the health of your cells, organs, body, mind, and soul. This process can improve the cellular condition of your body, increase your healing power, clean your karma, and help to balance yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Mind Power

Mind Power is mind over matter. It applies creative visualization to remove energy blockages for healing. Brain researchers know that we have around fifteen billion brain cells and that we only use about 10 percent of them. This technique allows us to awaken and develop the potential power of these dormant cells which can assist us in learning to self-heal.

Soul Power

Soul Power is used to request the soul of the body, the systems, cells, DNA, and RNA to heal themselves. I believe, from 5,000 years of spiritual teachings, that everything has a soul. Every system has a soul. Every organ has a soul. And we can communicate with the souls of organs and systems to request that they heal themselves. That is the secret of the soul healing. I suggest we say "Hello" to the soul of the organ or system. I communicate with the organs to say "I love you" to its soul. We must learn to say "Love, heal, and thank you." It's also important to say "Hello" to the universe, the souls in the universe, the spiritual leaders that you recognize. By communicating with our souls we create self-healing opportunities. And always say "thank you, thank you, thank you."

Are these healing skills to be used mostly for major ailments such as cancer, arthritis, or back pain or can they be used simply to reduce stress or eliminate sleeping problems?

These techniques work for healing any ailment. The book Power Healing shows people how to use the techniques of self-healing in order to sleep well, to remove energy blockages, to reduce stress. Chronic conditions are caused by blockages of energy that can be corrected. For example we show people in the book how to balance the kidney and the heart energy in order to sleep well. It's all about removing blockages and freeing up energy.

You've studied these healing modalities for forty some years, is it possible for someone to pick up your book and learn these self-healing techniques in a fairly short amount of time?

Yes. It's very simple. The four keys to Power Healing will give you the power to improve your health, your habits, and your life. Whether you use them in conjunction with any and all conventional medical practices or alternative health methods or on their own, they will help you strengthen your relationship with your own health. Through this connection you will come to know and love the healer inside of you, the healer within. These techniques help high-density energy to flow to low-density energy. Once you know how to get this energy moving you will know how to heal.

So many Americans do not take care of themselves as they should. How can this country break this pattern of poor self care?

We need education. That's why I am creating a self-healing movement which includes an East-meets-West approach. We need to educate people to teach them the four keys to Power Healing. We need a lot of media to talk about self-healing to teach people how they can do this for themselves. This self-healing movement was nothing a few years ago but today, alternative health care is worth billions and billions of dollars, so we know it is moving in the right direction.

Some of us are still working on our New Year's resolutions. Can these techniques help me lose weight?

Yes. Thirty years ago, my master, Dr. Zhi Chen Guo was given this divine number in a meditation. It is 3396815. He confirmed the validity of this number with other medical intuitives to know that it is a divinely given mantra. This is part of the Power Healing Sound Power mantra that I will share in my class at the Learning Annex in February. A woman I know repeated this number two times a day for about 15 minutes each time as fast as she could, as a means of losing weight. She lost seven pounds very fast. It is a great mantra for healing and losing weight. Ancient wisdom teaches us that each number has a vibration effect on various parts of the body. The technique of using numbers as mantras has been taught to millions by Master Zhi Chen Guo. Whether it is losing weight, dealing with constipation, or recovering from a heart attack, anyone can learn to use the vibrational power of numbers to increase energy flow and help to remove the blockages that keep us from ideal health.

Are there some people who don't get results from these techniques?

These techniques work for most people but everyone heals at a different rate. Some people respond quickly; some need to be patient. It takes practice but in most cases, chronic conditions are helped with these techniques. The four keys to energizing the body, mind and spirit can be learned by anyone with a willingness to open their mind and their heart.

What role does spirituality play in your mission to teach these healing techniques?

It is my number one mission here. Many people know body-mind connection theory. This mind-over-matter approach is good but not enough. In my personal opinion, soul over matter plus mind over matter is the solution for health, science, for humanity. Soul, mind, and body is the solution. We must heal the soul first, and then the healing of body and mind can follow.

For example, some people suffer from a skin problem called eczema. In order to heal the eczema we must understand that it is connected to the physical and emotional body. It is connected to grief and sadness in the emotional body. But eczema also has a soul. My theory is that in order to heal the eczema we must clear the soul blockage. When we clear the blockage to the soul of the eczema the physical aspect will naturally get better. Again, heal the soul first, and then the body and mind healing will follow.

I teach people to say “Hello” to their body, say “Hello” to the divine, say “Hello” to the spiritual source and many people experience incredible healings because soul hears! Spirituality is a medium for healing. I believe the soul is the real boss of the human being. If people make a decision in their mind that their soul does not agree with, they will find many parts of their life experiencing blockage. The soul and body connection offers so much wisdom for people to learn.

When people see you at the Learning Annex what will they experience?

In addition to learning the four keys to Power Healing, they will learn a new concept called Body Space Medicine. This new medicine is a breakthrough medicine created in China. For example, space theory explains that there are two kinds of space. The smaller space is between our cells and the larger space is between our organs. In order to heal we must clear, clean, and balance the energy in this space. At the cellular level, the transforming of energy is taking place. Energy is going in or out depending on the contracting or expanding of cells or organs. Sickness comes when these are out of balance and there is too much contracting or too much expanding. Our new Body Space Medicine serves to balance this space to allow an even flow of energy. Balance is critical to our health.

Is there anything that people would find surprising about Master Sha?

I am a servant to those who want to learn. I am committed to lead and love people in their healing process. I am working to serve humanity, to help us through this difficult time of Mother Earth. We do a free remote healing every Tuesday and Thursday. You can sign up at our website, I am committed to teaching the soul knowledge to as many as I can.
Why do you always say “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The first thank you is to thank Divine. Thank the Source, the Universe.

The second thank you is to thank the Buddha's, the Saints, the Indian Gurus, the spiritual masters, your ancestors, everybody. Everybody has their own spiritual system so my teachings honor all of the spiritual assistants and every religion. It doesn't matter what the religion is, they all offer love and light.

The third thank you is to thank your own soul, your own consciousness, your own physical body. Gratitude is vital for healing, for transforming life and soul enlightenment.

What would you like to say to Americans who are so dependent on pharma- ceutical approaches to medicine?

I would like to suggest that you stay open minded to maybe look for a combination of complementary medicine, Eastern medicine, energy healing, spiritual healing to join together for the best solution. When people with chronic pain don't get the solution they desire, they get depressed. I would like to see these people open their minds to other healing modalities. The alternative medicines can provide a means of taking control of your health. For example, if you cut your finger or break a bone or catch a cold, your body will heal. We do know how to heal ourselves. People forget that human beings have a natural healing ability. You and I have the power to heal ourselves and the world.

What other healing issues are facing our world at this time?

The universal energy is changing. An example of this change was the tsunami in Asia and India. The tsunami is symbolic of universal energy change. The tsunami is the beginning of a Mother Earth cleansing process. I would like to see the tsunami as a signal for the universal energy change.

There is bigger change to follow. This is the beginning. There will be more changes in different parts of the world. People have to realize they have their own healing power, especially the soul power. You do not have to walk one step to find the Divine. It's important to open your mind, open your soul and communicate with the Divine, communicate with the Universe, communicate with the soul, mind, and body of yourself. Learn the self-help techniques and cooperate with all the healing modalities including the medical professionals. We work together to offer better health for you and your loved ones and to the universe. Things are beginning to happen like the tsunami.

We should be prepared but not panicked. Be prepared. Offer love, light, and world peace to help human beings and Mother Earth to pass these difficulties sooner.

Master Sha provides free remote-healing classes to anyone who signs up for his free Tuesday and Thursday teleclasses. Sign up at his website at

Steve Dahl is a business strategist and freelance writer in Carlsbad. He can be reached at: or

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